CNN Electoral Map Shows Trump Winning Presidency Without WI, PA, AZ

After many, many weeks of living in denial, basement-rated CNN finally bent to reality Friday and updated its electoral map to show former President Donald Trump winning the 2024 election with 272 electoral votes.

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that meddles in elections, spreads conspiracy theories, and encourages political violence, had been ridiculed for refusing to update its map even as months and months of polls showed Trump clearly defeating His Fraudulency Joe Biden nationally and in most of the all-important swing states.

In defense of CNN, the delay was likely out of concern for company staffers. Prior to the update, in an abundance of caution, CNN management probably had to ensure the crybullies and thin-skinned sociopaths who work at CNN received enough antidepressants, suicide counseling, coloring books, and time with support animals.

Read the entire article here

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